The Coaches Corner​


This page lists various in-person and online training opportunities for Special Olympics Kansas coaches. Please refer to the General Coach Overview page for the requirements to be a Special Olympics Kansas Coach.

Special Olympics Kansas is dedicated to providing coaches with quality trainings and information that will allow them to become successful Special Olympics coaches. We believe the key to improving athletic performance and maintaining the well-being of our athletes is to have trained coaches. The Better the Coach…The Better the Experiences…The Better the Athlete. With this in mind we have created the Special Olympics Kansas Coaches’ Training System which defines minimum criteria that coaches should meet. It also lays the foundation to create a continuing education program for our coaches.


If you are not already a coach and are interested in joining a team as a volunteer coach, please start here.


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coaches general Resources & policies

Class A (Espanol)

Policy on Self-Advocacy

Class A Volunteer Form

Protective Behaviors Training

Golf Cart Best Practices

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

Concussion Policy

Concussion Awareness Card

Coach to Athlete Ratio Policy

Athletics Event Participation Ratio Policy

Athlete ID Policy

Athlete Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

Age Groups Divisioning Policy

Volunteer Screening Policy

Volunteer Dating Athletes Policy

Accident/Incident Report Form

Recreational Swimming Policy

Protective Behaviors Training Policy

Privacy Policy

Heat and Lightning Policies

Health and Safety Guidelines

Coaches Code of Conduct

Principles of Coaching

Athlete Centered Coaching Guide

General Orientation for Coaches

Concussion Training Approved Course