David Hunter

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David Hunter – 2019 Special Olympics Kansas Hall of Fame Inductee

David has been part of Special Olympics Kansas for 25 years. He loves to practice and as one of the leaders on the team, he helps lead the stretching part of several sports including swimming, floor hockey, track and field, and basketball. He helps lead the drills and helps younger and less skilled athletes during all the drills. He will stop and help other athletes who are struggling or having a difficult day. 

David demonstrates positive sportsmanship by encouraging members of other teams. He will go out of his way to congratulate athletes from other teams. He has even been known to stop in a race to see that other athletes are ok if they have fallen. He also helps other athletes on his team to have a great time at both practice and competition. 

David participates in a number of sports. He has also been a representative of Special Olympics to the Kansas City Corporate Challenge. At that event, he not only got to encourage Special Olympics athletes, but also others participating in swimming and track and field events. David is a great role model for other athletes and they look to him for leadership. 

David has been the Kansas Law Enforcement Torch Run athlete representative in 2018 and 2019. At the national conference he helped promote both the state of Kansas as well as Special Olympics to others from around the world. He has been a Global Messenger and has given more than 20 speeches to groups in the KC Metro area. In 2018, David spoke to the Kansas legislators to encourge them to approve the establishment of a Special Olympics Kansas license plate. 

David has a great attitude and is extremely positive when Special Olympics is involved. He encourages other athletes by saying encouraging words as well as helping them with their sport. He gives high fives when team members make a strike in bowling and enjoys telling everyone about Special Olympics. 

Highlights of David’s career: 

  • 2010 Special Olympics Summer Games in Lincoln, NE: track team
  • 2018 -19 athlete representative on Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Kansas executive council