Derrick Kleinsorge Named SOKS Health Messenger of the Month for May

For the month of May, we are pleased to announce Derrick Kleinsorge as Health Messenger of the month. Kleinsorge, 33,  has been an athlete with Special Olympics Kansas (SOKS) for over 10 years, but it was just seven months ago he decided to take on the role of a messenger of health, as well. He is a current Health Messenger in training and is set to complete his training this summer along with our newest applicants.

Kleinsorge decided that he wanted to become a healthier person when he made the commitment to be a Health Messenger. Even throughout the pause on in-person activities during the pandemic, he had the drive to become more physical and health-conscious. “I used to be a little chubby back then,” he said, “and now I am healthier than ever. I have this fast metabolism, so now when I eat healthier foods it helps me stay thin. It helps me run faster!” Kleinsorge then went on to explain how he almost broke his record for track and field in the 400, if it wouldn’t have been for the wind. “It’s a sort of accomplishment basically. I just wanna be more healthy because it brings me joy to eat healthier foods and stuff.”

Since joining Health Messengers, Kleinsorge has become a more cheerful individual. “I am more confident,” he said. “It’s made me more positive, more healthy, and more physically active. I want to eat less junk food and be more physical.” The games played during Fun Fit Fridays were also a hit for him as he went on to say, “I learned a lot during our Jeopardy games because I learned what workouts work which muscles and how to do them at home. Everyone did an amazing job teaching me to be healthy and now look at me!”

Not only has he gained a health and fitness education, but he also explained how he made friends along the way. “Meeting new friends and stuff is a big reason why I love being a Health Messenger. The reason why I love Special Olympics Kansas and I work hard is because I want to be an inspirational athlete. I want to be responsible, teach about what I do, and help others!”

We have had the pleasure of watching Kleinsorge grow over these past 7 months and are excited to see what goals he crushes and the people he continues to help. His passion for health and fitness and love for his fellow athletes goes beyond measure. Now, which athlete will be next to be named Health Messenger of the month for June? Stay tuned!