Eric Kling

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Eric Kling – 2019 Speical Olympics Kansas Hall of Fame Inductee

Eric has been involved in year-round sports with the Olathe Trailblazers local team for 27 years. He attends all practices and competitions and also trains on his own. 

Eric demonstrates positive sportsmanship and rarely displays any negativity. He cheers others on, watches other teams, and stays positive in defeat. 

Eric looks forward to all sports, encourages his roommates and others to join the team, and looks forward to competition on the local, state and national level. 

Eric is the picture of Special Olympics. He gets so much joy from competition, loves the fact that he is part of a team, and excels in athletics where he pushes himself to win. 

Eric greets coaches and coordinators with a running hug. He checks on his teammates, loves the thrill of competition and takes much pride in the medals he receives now as much as he did 27 years ago. 

Highlights of Eric’s career: 

  • 2006 Special Olympics USA Games; track team
  • 2014 Special Olympics USA Games; swim team
  • Attended the Special Olympics 50th Anniversary in Chicago, 2018, and ran with the torch in the Final Leg
  • Was a model for the 2019 Charlie Hustle Special Olympics Kansas t-shirt