James Hermann

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James Hermann – 2019 Special Olympics Kansas Hall of Fame Inductee

James has been participating in Special Olympics since 1990. He is an athlete who simply loves Special Olympics. 

He never misses a practice or a chance to compete. He is an avid bowler who participates in a weekly bowling league all year long. He practices basketball twice a week during the season and he never misses a track practice or clinic!

James will always help someone if they fall, and will always come over and say, “That’s alright” if things don’t go so well. He is also willing to fill a spot on a relay team if his coaches need him to and he will help demonstrate for his coach if they ask. 

James is one of the kindest athletes in his program according to his coaches. He is always looking out for younger athletes and always comes to the gym with a smile on his face. He doesn’t care about winning, but always seems to give his best effort! 

James is a great speaker and helps his coaches at speaking engagements in the community. He is also well known within the metro area as he often sings the National Anthem at the beginning of opening ceremony for basketball and track. He event sang it once for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics Kansas Summer Games! 

James has a great attitude twoard parctice and competition and his coaches look forward to him walking into the gym at every practice or event to say hello to them.