Jon Pirie

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Jon Pirie – 2018 Special Olympics Kansas LETR Champion

Jon is the LETR coordinator for the Shawnee Police Department and has been since 2004. He set a goal that first year: for the Shawnee Police Department to raise $250,000 for Special Olympics. He knew that goal was going to take a lot of hard work and determination.

In Jon’s first year as department coordinator, he raised $250.00 while the rest of the department raised $350.00, but he was just getting started. The following year, Jon raised more than $3,100 of the department’s $4,000 total.  This trend continued for the next several years. In the years before Jon became involved, the Shawnee Police Department barely participated in the Torch Run.  During Jon’s time as the department coordinator, he personally led and organized the Law Enforcement Torch Run, Polar Plunge, and a badge campaign for the Shawnee Police Department. 

Year after year, Jon has encouraged and motivated officers with the department to become more involved with LETR events.  Because of his leadership, the Shawnee Police Department has participated in numerous fundraising events, Popcorn Standoff, Heroes Pull, Cops on Top, Polar Plunge, Sports Memorabilia Auction, Badge Campaign, and his personal most successful event, the Torch Run. 

Jon has done so much in the past 15 years to increase the impact that the Shawnee Police Department has on the athletes of Special Olympics. Jon has created an incentive program for the police department and the officers that raise more than $1000 for Special Olympics, which he calls the “Special K Club.”  The officers that raise $1000 or more each year are awarded gift cards that he has obtained through a donation.  The number of officers in the club grows each year. 

Jon has had a goal of raising $250,000 for Special Olympics.  Jon set that goal in 2004 to be completed before he retired in 2020.  In 2018, the Shawnee Police Department surpassed Jon’s goal by raising more than $259,000.