November Health Messenger of the Month

We are pleased to announce the Health Messenger of the Month for November as no other than, recent Hall of Fame inductee, Beau Renyer! Renyer, 39, has been a dedicated member of Special Olympics Kansas (SOKS) for the past 25 years and has made an everlasting impact on this organization. His great love for SOKS stems from his passion for meeting new people and getting to learn about them and the sports they are involved in.

Almost two years ago, Renyer decided to take his involvement in SOKS to the next level by joining Health Messengers during quarantine. “When I saw my friend Gigi and other athletes I know go through the training, it made me want to do it,” he said. “I knew it would help me get better at my sports and get me to talk to more athletes.” Through Health Messengers, Renyer was able to keep in contact with many athletes and friends he wasn’t able to see during the lockdown.

“Quarantine was really hard on me. I couldn’t go see anybody and I just had to call them and talk over Facebook… or we just had to wait until it was all over.”

When asked how being involved in Health Messengers helped him over the past two years, Renyer exclaimed, “I loved all of the videos we did at home together! It was nice to see other athletes throughout the state that I didn’t get to see anymore.” He then went on to explain that it was “so much better” to see his friends over Zoom than to simply talk to them on the phone.

Post quarantine, Health Messengers helps Renyer to be as social as ever by helping out other athletes at various Healthy Athlete screenings and Health and Fitness booths. He said, “I like to be able to help people with what they need. If they need someone to talk to them about anything health and fitness-wise I can help them get better; I can talk about what needs to get done.”

Renyer’s favorite part of being a Health Messenger comes from his latest trip to the USA Games this summer as a representative of SOKS. He was passionate when recalling the moment he went through the Strong Minds Healthy Athletes screenings during his time in Florida. “With Strong Minds, it helps you realize you don’t need to win and losing is okay. It teaches you just to get better at stuff in a good way and work harder. I want all my friends to know that,” he stated.

As a Health Messenger, Renyer continues to be a great role model for his fellow athletes and teammates, and his passion for helping others never ceases to shine through. He continues to stay involved in monthly meetings and we are excited to see where being a dedicated Health Messenger takes him in the future.