Vicki Lozenski

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Vicki Lozenski – 2018 Special Olympics Kansas Coach of the Year

Coach Lozenski is the Leavenworth County team coordinator and head coach. Her leadership is exceptional and her leadership style is described as motivating, encouraging, and empowering. She sets the example with her work ethic and ability to team coach and switch to coaching one on one seamlessly. 

In her over 33 years involved with the Leavenworth County program she has participated at every level. She has coached basketball, track and field and bowling. She always strives for athlete to push themselves to reach their full potential and she has had athletes compete in local, regional, state, national and international events. 

Coach Lozenski does a phenomenal job organizing fundraising efforts and public awareness for the Leavenworth County team. She has established ongoing support and event coverage with the local newspaper. Her efforts have been rewarded with numerous articles on events, achievements, fundraisers and special competitions. In addition, she has written many letters to the editor addressing upcoming events, tournaments and fundraising efforts. 

Coach Lozenski has been involved in national and international games. She attended the Special Olympics USA Games in Lincoln, NE, and was the bowling coach at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. 

Coach Lozenski regularly goes above and beyond in her support for the team and the athletes. For more than 15 years, she has organized an annual basketball tournament that has enhanced the state competition. The tournament is called the Ralph Matzeder Invitational Basketball Tournament and involves teams from the KC Metro area. 

Coach Lozenski has selflessly given of herself in support of the Leavenworth County team for more than three decades. She is devoted to Special Olympics and has demonstrated actions to promote and empower athletes to achieve and persevere. 

Coach Lozenski also looks for opportunities for the athletes to be spotlighted within the community. One year she wanted the athletes to participate in the Leavenworth St. Patrick’s Day parade. She acquired a trailor, but was concerned it would not be safe for some athletes to ride on. She was able to get some donated lumber and she and her husband quickly got to work making an athlete safe trailor with sturdy handrails and easy-access steps. The athletes decorated it and had a wonderful time participating in the parade.