Stepping Up to Victory: Chris Barnes Triumphs in the Road to Summer Games Challenge

Chris Barnes, a shining example of dedication and enthusiasm in our community, has emerged as the South Central Region winner in the Road to Summer Games Step Challenge, tallying an impressive 376,164 steps over six weeks. His journey through the challenge has been both inspiring and transformative, marked by significant milestones and daily triumphs.

Chris expressed immense joy and a bit of surprise at his success, stating, “I was very excited and happy! I was shocked that I won. It felt super good to be competitive and win.” His journey was fueled by the seamless integration of the SOFitNow App, which kept him updated on his daily step count and ensured his watch was perfectly synced.

One of the keys to Chris’s consistent performance was his routine, which included daily walks with a dog from his day service—a responsibility that not only added to his step count but also brought joy and motivation to his days. This daily activity, combined with his self-motivation and a busy schedule, kept him on track toward his goal.

Chris independently navigated the challenge, finding motivation within himself and his community. “I did the challenge myself. I motivated myself. I walked around the neighborhood and everything. I was very excited to win the challenge and get the prize,” he shared.

For Chris, the highlight of the challenge was not just the daily walking but the accolades he earned along the way. He first claimed the top spot at the 3/4th Challenge at the Summer Games for his region, winning a FitBit Inspire watch, and then continued his victorious streak to win for his region at the final finish line after the full six weeks.

Offering advice to others considering such challenges, Chris emphasized the importance of a positive mindset: “Don’t put yourself down. You can do anything you put your mind to. Do it every day and it’ll help build healthy habits.” His experience illustrates that regular physical activity is key to building physical strength and establishing a routine that promotes overall wellness.

Looking ahead, Chris is eager to maintain his active lifestyle and participate in future challenges, driven by a desire to stay active and continue competing. “I would love to do the next step challenge. I look forward to potentially win more prizes and to compete with my other regional athletes,” he remarked, showing his readiness to keep moving forward.

The Road to Summer Games Step Challenge was designed to promote a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the importance of hydration, nutrition, physical fitness, strong minds, and health advocacy. Each week of the challenge focused on different aspects of health to educate and empower participants like Chris to take comprehensive care of their physical and mental well-being.

Celebrating other winners from the challenge, we recognize:

  • David Frickey, who won the overall Road to Summer Games with an impressive 625,535 steps.
  • North Central Region: Brooke Sumner at 623,793 steps.
  • Metro Region: Lisa McCleary at 319,611 steps.
  • Family Member and Coach Winners:
    • South Central Region: Jenny Johnston at 142,861 steps.
    • Southeast Region: Stormy Cherry at 157,535 steps.
    • North Central Region: Staci Wunder at 347,598 steps.
    • Metro Region: Glenda McCleary at 354,086 steps.
  • Staff Winner: Ryan Warren at 578,982 steps.

As we celebrate Chris and all the other participants of the challenge, we look forward to more opportunities to step together toward better health and wellness. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Fall Wellness Challenge, and let’s continue stepping into a healthier future together!